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At Delta Electrical and Solar PV Services we are a team of professional electricians offering all type of electrical services.
We are locally based in Liverpool and serve customer throughout Merseyside. Our valued customers enjoy exceptional service and expertise. We have the capability to look after all requirements – delivering value for money and peace of mind. Our service approach ensures that we always complete high quality work, on time and often exceeding expectations.

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EICRs Services

In 2020, local authorities were granted the power to issue fines to landlords who fail to comply with electrical safety standards.

What is an EICR?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report involves the inspection and testing of an electrical installation to determine whether or not it is safe for tenants, building owners and occupiers. Among other things, an EICR helps identify the following:
• The integrity of the installation
• Damage to things like sockets and switches
• Ensuring the property complies with relevant regulations
• Actions needed to maintain correct functionality.

Intruder Alarm

Intruder alarm system are an effective solution to threat of intrusion, theft or vandalism actions against your premises. An intruder alarm can provide peace of mind whilst helping homeowners towards their home insurance. Sensor can be installed in the corner of a room where protection is required, or, can be installed on your windows and doors for more in depth protection.

EV Charge

Here at Delta electrical we can install EV charger power outputs, including 7kW and 22kW.

If you are on a Single Phase connection at your home then you’ll be able to install a 7kW.

In the case of an Audi Q4 e-tron with battery capacity of 82 KWh, then you’ll be able to completely charge your car from 0 % to 100% in just 12 hours . That’s as simple as plugging your car in when you return home from work and unplugging it when you leave the next morning. EV Can also be charged overnight if your tariff allows you to ( Subject to your energy provider rates ), by doing so can reduce significantly the cost of charging by 60%. Get in touch!

New Build

We Can provide a complete electrical installation to all new build homes, from power, lighting , EV facilities, intruder alarm and much more.

On average, the generally expected and acceptable lifespan of a home should last at least 60 years. We make sure the electrical installation will last just as much!


The main reason for rewiring a house is due to out of date or faulty wiring. Faulty wiring can be very dangerous, causing 12,500 fires and 750 serious accidents in the home each year. It is therefore essential that, if you spot a common fault, get it inspected and tested!

We can future proof your house when re-wiring it by adding supply for future Solar PV should your roof be suitable for it, supply for EV chargers should your premises be suitable for it ( all subject to survey ). Ethernet point throughout the house for better data connection if you work from home, and CCTV POEs supply. Get in touch!

Battery Storage Services

Battery storage can be helpful to collect excess energy generated by your Solar PV System, the energy stored can then be used in the evening where there is no more generation. Have you not got a Solar PV system installed? Do you live in a flat where Solar PV is not an option? We have an alternative for it!

By installing an AC Charger, we can make use of night electricity ( generally 7.5/12p x KWh) depending on your energy provider, and discharge the batteries during the day to cope with your house demand, and avoid buying electricity at full price ( 37/41p x KWh ) depending on your energy provider. Get in touch!


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